This project stemmed from a desire to craft a story-based adventure in a virtual reality that would offer a fully immersive experience built on solid emotional engagement. 
The story follows a young woman, Karin, who works as a professional taxi driver. This heroine is one day contacted by her future self and tasked with altering a series of events to prevent the world from tipping into an ecological meltdown. Through the eyes of the main protagonist, the player has to traverse different time periods and navigate through morally ambiguous choices in favor of the greater good. When controlling the heroine's actions, the player is thrust into the driving seat of the world's fate, both literally and figuratively.

Game produced by: Brainz Immersive
Narrative designer: Katerina Hanackova
Lead Artist: Longiy Phi Trieu
Lead Developer: Ondrej Pultera
Sound designer: Martin Bonus Hula
The game features a multidimensional main protagonist whose character development is affected by the player's choices. The impact of the player's decisions is visible in the environmental changes that reflect the socio-cultural aspect of the consequences. These ever-changing elements, along with an aesthetically pleasing game scenery should keep the player motivated to discover the game world.
Despite working with the empathic potential of a likeable lead character, the player can heavily influence her development and morality. The game's story is told through a branching narrative that eventually leads to several alternate endings. The sequence of the main dramatic events follows a modified three-act structure anchored around two major plot points driving the overall story. Dramatic events in each act develop in a non-linear matter according to the player's choices since almost all of them have multiple consequences.
During the process of writing the story, I keep my focus on creating an experience that will be equally satisfying no matter which path the player chooses for the main protagonist's fate.
The game was chosen from 230+ projects to be featured in the Talents programme during the 57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where it was given the chance to attract producers and investors.
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