Hello, I'm Katerina!

In virtual worlds, I'm always the lawfully good, holier-than-heaven hero, which is my way of making up for the fact that in real life, I'm a dubious person that made some seriously head-scratching life choices, like dating a musician, wearing corduroy dungarees to a wedding or... yeah, that time when I tried to brew my own teeth whitening remedy.

Now you, on the other hand, are a wise human being that has made a commendable decision to earn your coin by working in games. Maybe you've already closed this page, leaving me talking to myself, but maybe, just maybe, you saw something that struck a chord with you. Your mind is whirling, and the world falls into hushed stillness as a sense of unexplainable connection overwhelms you. "Is... is this even possible?" you mutter to yourself in disbelief. 

Then, without a hint of hesitation or your superior's approval, you jump into the company car and speed towards my house, ignoring every red light or common sense, driven forward by the joyful vision of us working overtime with the rest of the team, making silly faces at the daily stand-ups and keeping counts of how many times a day each of us says "the hero's journey."

I'm completely taken aback by your sudden arrival. "Y-y-ou, I never thought I'd--" I stutter, but you shush me, excitedly ushering me onto the front seat. My neighbours try to stop you, not understanding this is meant to be, so you tie them to a mailbox and blast off, tires screeching all the way down the road while a Vengaboys song blares from the speakers. 

We're so hyped that we start hurling words at the same time, finishing each other's sentences like long-lost twins reunited. As we're cracking each other up, giggling uncontrollably like two ADHD monkeys on a sugar high, we zoom off into the distance without looking back.

Finally, we pull up to the studio's headquarters, our cheeks aching from laughter and wet from tears of joy. As the first rays of sun hit the floor of our department, we log in to our Jira accounts, knowing this is destiny, and you hear yourself saying to me in the most heartfelt voice:

Hey, where's the rest!

Well, that's all up to you now! Of course I can't speak for you, can I. The baton of this story is in your hands. Let me know how it unfolds.
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