TrackCraft is a mixed reality racing game available on the Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 platforms. It offers players a thrilling journey down memory lane, combining the childhood joy of playing with cars with a new twist. With TrackCraft, users can create their own racing tracks, share them with friends, and compete in high-speed races within a fully immersive environment.
The project is currently gearing up for an alpha release.
My role: Idea & concept, story mode designer, copywriter
Art Direction: Daniel Kupr
Produced by: Brainz Immersive 
My primary responsibility now involves designing the game and securing funding for development. We successfully pitched the concept to CzechInvest's program for innovative technology projects and obtained their financial support, which covers the phase leading up to the alpha release.
At the beginning of the game, players explore a newly discovered dimension, meeting its peculiar inhabitants, taking on quests, and learning the basics of track crafting. As they progress through the story mode, they unlock tools, vehicles, and characters, which enable them to create their own experiences. Whether it's a crazy racing track with portals and moving platforms or an epic narrative quest, the possibilities are endless.
Track Craft is the first step in our ambitious project to develop a sandbox platform called DIYMENSIONS for users to create and share immersive stories with their friends and family. Our ultimate goal is to transform the homes of our users into a fantastical world, where they can immerse themselves into an adventure created by us or craft their own ones for their friends. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

From building a utopian puppy town to designing wild racing missions, each dimension of this ever-expanding universe should offer fun tools for different types of users to play with. With the VR headset on, the users are immersed in an imaginary toy-like world while still being able to see through into their real surroundings. That opens never-before-seen ways of telling stories and interacting with other players who can join the game virtually or in real life.
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