Devourer is an indie first-person adventure game set in a typographic wasteland inhabited by wicked alphabet characters and feral emoticons. It's a nightmarish world ruled by the vicious Devourer who decided to punish people for their crimes against the English language by ridding them of speech and imprisoning them in a labyrinth of broken alphabet letters. The player needs to solve word puzzles, outsmart the enemies, find a way through the maze of empty phrases and face the fiendish Devourer. 

Game design & narrative design & Unity development: Katerina Hanackova 
Art direction: AOKU
Voice artists: Peter Walters, Chelsea Bradley, Áron Kovács

This game was created during my first year of studying the Game Design university programme at FAMU Prague.
The Making Of
The Devourer himself is not an ordinary first-person shooter boss. Yes, he is covered with nasty laser-shooting pimples, but he considers himself a refined intellectual with an impeccable sense of grammar, the last true guardian of proper speech. I decided to portray his personality using a system of collectable quotes that trigger the Devourer's whimsical, often sarcastic commentary and let the player peek into the depth of his twisted mind. 
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