I'm currently developing a short story-based game called Space Candy, where players experience a twist on the traditional match 3 puzzle game. Instead of matching candies, players become the candy themselves. In this sweet point-and-click adventure, players step into the shoes of Zesty, a hard-working lemon lollipop whose job is to keep the user addicted. When Zesty's friend goes missing, he embarks on an investigative mission to uncover the dark secrets lurking beneath the perfect facade of Space Candy Corp. It's a game within a game that will challenge the players perceptions and keep them hooked on sweet visuals, tantalising crime plot and twists in the story. 
Planned release: September 2023
My role: Game design & narrative design & Unity development
Art Direction: AOKU
The Making Of
Even the game bible must correspond with the Space Candy Corp. design manual!  
To design branching dialogues, I prefer to start by sketching them out in FigJam...
...and then implement them into Unity using a visual scripting tool.
Concept Arts

The Space Candy match-3 puzzle game that the game initially starts with.

Badges awarded upon completion of the match-3 level.

It's pretty hard to actually fail the level, but if you do fail it, you'll get to see a sad astronaut!

The corporate lobby features a slide, which one of the candies from the match-3 game uses to travel down. This is where we meet the main character, Zesty. His shift has just ended and he can now explore other locations.

Map of the locations.

Zesty's home.

The Church of the Holy Finger where the candies worship the User.

Progress Bar: a place where candies can relax and unwind.

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