In response to the global pandemic, we have created an outdoor public exhibition where site-specific artworks could be enjoyed without crowding. Users were asked to discover immersive adventures in the streets of Prague and watch the art installations come to life through the display of their mobile devices. The augmented reality installations were arranged as a walking tour in one of Prague's most up-and-coming neighbourhoods, Karlín.
Produced by: Brainz Immersive
Creative direction: Katerina Hanackova
Featured artists: Longiy, AOKU, Jan Kalab, Jan Hladil & Michal Supak
Sound design: Martin Bonus Hula
Crystal Mania
This interactive augmented reality installation is a celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of all living forms. The visitor comes to a colony of diverse creatures and creates its future with his divine intervention. Participants in the collective game can give birth to the offspring of the next generation, cross-breed them with the creations of others and observe the genetic swarming as in a crazy petri dish. The installation can be found under the National Memorial at Vítkov, Karlín Square and Rohanské nábřeží. But it will never be the same. Each location is inhabited by a different colony with a distinctive character. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected combinations that together create a colourful carnival of life. 
Horizon Forbidden West
The augmented reality installation accompanied the launch of one of next year’s most anticipated games on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel to the hugely successful Horizon Zero Dawn from 2017. The users were able to open AR portals in the walls of a railway viaduct and discover the beautiful yet dangerous Forbidden West wasteland and the game's main protagonist Aloy.
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