As part of my game design studies, I collaborated with students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University to develop this third-person puzzle game. The story is set in a metaphoric wasteland where survivors of multiple generations hide in shadows, associating light with death and destruction. The protagonist possesses a unique power that sets him apart from his peers: an uncontrollable stream of light emanates from his heart. As a result, he is exiled and forced to wander the ruins of the world in search of others like him. His power enables him to draw explosive energy from the light, allowing him to navigate the collapsed city more easily. However, the unbridled nature of his ability poses a constant and deadly threat to himself.

My role: Narrative design
Gameplay design: Filip Sedlak
Unity development: Tereza Kotescova 
3D art: David Rericha
To drive the narrative forward throughout significant junctures of the story, we opted to include concise, text-based cutscenes. By scrolling down, you can peruse them and view a still image from each cutscene.
Thousands of suns had burst at once, colouring the sky with a blinding glare. 
We fled from the fire of war and hid in calm dark shadows, seeking peace and consolation. A decision was made never to cross paths with the people of blinding lights, for lights bring death and suffering. 
However, there was one in our midst who was born different. A little sun erupted from the shadow's heart, for which he was banished. Now he must roam the world alone, find his place and purpose and learn how to tame the light within them before it brings them destruction.​​​​​​​
So she was cast away from the haven of shadows out to the light. Who could have thought that seeing light at the end of the tunnel can be so terrifying. 
The other world was so different, yet the same, filled with fear and hate. She was gasping for every bit of shadow. Not just because the light was killing her, but to hide from the people of light.
“Crawl back into the sewers, you underground worm, don't pollute our land with darkness,” they shouted at her. “I wish I could, I wish I could…, ” she whispered to herself.​​​​​​​
She heard a loud rustle from the nearby ruin. 
“Pssst, hey, over here!” 
A boy her age whispered at her. His body was glowing with golden light, only his heart was dark, emanating a thick black haze.
“You look tired and hungry.”
“I feed on shadow, but this land is almost devoid of it,” she replied.
“You can feed on mine, I don't want it. My people cast me out for it,” he sobbed. 
“Come with me, I've been cast out as well, we can be castouts together.”

And so they were two…
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