This third-person puzzle game is set in a metaphoric wasteland where generations of survivors hide among shadows, associating light with death and destruction. The main protagonist was born with a unique power that made him stand out from the others of his kind: a stream of light emanates from his heart uncontrollably. For that, he is exiled and made to roam the ruins of the world, seeking others like him. His ability allows him to draw explosive energy from the light, which makes it easier for him to move through the collapsed city. Still, the untamed nature of his power represents a constant, lethal danger.
This game was created in collaboration with the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University.
Narrative design: Katerina Hanackova
Gameplay design: Filip Sedlak
Unity development: Tereza Kotescova 
3D artist: David Rericha
 "Thousands of suns had burst at once, colouring the sky with a blinding glare. We fled from the fire of war and hid in calm dark shadows, seeking peace and consolation. A decision was made never to cross paths with the people of blinding lights, for lights bring death and suffering. However, there was one in our midst who was born different. A little sun erupted from the shadow's heart, for which he was banished. Now he must roam the world alone, find his place and purpose and learn how to tame the light within them before it brings them destruction."
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