The virtual reality experience takes the viewers inside one of the most secure sites out there: The Dukovany nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic. Participants soar above the nuclear reactor, learn the responsibilities of nuclear engineers, and see the fascinating journey of electricity from a splitting atom to the power that fuels thousands of homes. Designed to amaze viewers of all ages, the virtual reality tour entertains and educates about how electricity is created in a fun way that features hand-tracking and interactive elements. 

My role: Idea, creative direction, scriptwriting, casting, voice over direction, copywriting
Directoror of Photography: Daniel Kupr
360° video: Jan Cermak
Produced by: Brainz Immersive
Publishing platform: Meta Applab
The viewers can join their guide, a witty android employed at the facility, on a fascinating journey through controlled areas with limited access to only those with the highest security clearance. They are able to choose the topics that interest them, test their knowledge during a quiz game and learn about the magic of nuclear fission as they play with the holographic 3D model of a nuclear reactor.
The experience allows users to enjoy the view from the top of a cooling tower captured in cinematic VR as if they were actually there. They have the opportunity to get to know the staff responsible for maximising the safety and reliability of the nuclear power plant operation and discover why nuclear is the cleanest energy source of the future.
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