In this short game, the player embarks on an unusual adventure as an alien being. The curious little extraterrestrial is on a recon mission to explore planet Earth and collect intel on the homo sapiens. After stepping out from the spaceship, he uses his mimicking superpowers to establish contact with a grumpy ol' grandpa from the nearby gas station. He learns all about the kindness of the human soul, only to be mandated by his alien commanders to prepare the territory for a hostile takeover. Our alien friend then faces a great dilemma: to eradicate what he finds beautiful or disobey the order and defy his own kind?
The game was developed during a 48hour GDS jam in 2021 by three friends and students of the Game Design programme at FAMU Prague.

Narrative Design: Katerina Hanackova
Unity Development: Petra Emmerova
Graphic Design: Vendula Buresova
Motion Graphics: AOKU
We are the Game Jam Girls <3​​​​​​​
The game has two possible endings - either the alien blob sticks up with humans and thwarts the invasion...
...or he chooses to side with his kind and, well, there's really now way to put this mildly, the world explodes.
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