In this dark comedy adventure of scavenge and survival, players must gather supplies, rescue their family before the nuke hits, and then keep them alive in the fallout shelter. Set in the 1950s, the game challenges players with difficult decisions, food shortages, the threat of insanity, and mutant cockroaches. 
In addition to designing and implementing story events for the game, my job included writing diary logs, descriptions and other player-facing texts, maintaining documentation, and preserving tone consistency throughout the game universe and across all social media platforms.

Developer, publisher: Robot Gentleman
Platforms: PC, Mac, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation

Meet Ted, Dolores, Timmy, and Mary Jane McDoodle. The player's job is to keep the family alive—or not.

With its cartoony presentation, the game parodies 1950s life, pop culture, and propaganda.

During the rationing phase, the player manages the family's hunger, thirst, and health.

Example of a story event in which the player can use the item to deal with the situation.

My job includes ensuring that the copywriting on social media channels stays true to the game's lore and tone.
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